Casting Conscience Ep. 1.2: OB/GYN Residency Application

CIR’s biggest demographic is third- and fourth-year medical students who want to go into obstetrics and gynecology (OB/GYN), but who also want to make choices about their practice based on their consciences. They have heard other senior colleagues say they have freedom to choose not to do abortions, sterilizations, prescribe contraceptives (some or all), or provide methotrexate. But these students don’t want to wait until they are attendings or faculty, to be happy with their choices at work. They want to enact their free will and act according to their consciences even as interns, but they don’t know how to ask permission to do that in a culture that might stand in a very contrary direction. This episode discusses this in detail with Dr. Abigail Finder, an OB/GYN resident at Tulane. Find out how she navigated interview season: how did she word her questions, how did she choose her rank list, and how did CIR help her?

If you think CIR can help you, just email conscienceinresidency@gmail.com with a request for coaching. It’s free and focused on you and your beliefs.