Mitochondrial Replacement

Key Abstracts

  1. Towards clinical application of pronuclear transfer to prevent mitochondrial DNA disease (Hyslop et al, translational, 2016).
  2. Promise and Pitfalls of Mitochondrial Replacement for Prevention and Cure of Heritable Neurodegenerative Diseases Caused by Deleterious Mutations in Mitochondrial DNA (Paine and Jaiswal, opinion, 2016)
  3. Ethical aspects of nuclear and mitochondrial DNA transfer (Blesa et al, ethical analysis, 2016)
  4. Mitochondrial Donation: Serious Concerns for Science, Safety, and Ethics (Condic, memorandum to House of Lords, 2015)
  5. Are You My Mommies? (Nichols, ethical analysis, 2012)