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    While many of us are NFP-only and prolife because of a religious background, many of the people we work with do not share our religious beliefs. For these people, explaining our objections in secular terms can be invaluable.

    I personally had an experience where an attending began questioning me on my Catholic faith and birth control stance and basically dismissed the whole thing as a case of over-religiosity. However, after a very brief scientific explanation of why I was uncomfortable with hormonal methods which could cause loss of an embryo post-fertilization, a newfound respect dawned in that person’s eyes and voice.

    So, LET’S SHARE OUR SECULAR ARGUMENTS AGAINST ABORTION, BIRTH CONTROL, EUTHANSIA, IVF, etc. Let’s comment on each other’s points and recognize and work out any pitfalls before we are called to use them in the clinical setting!

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    I agree that having secular arguments are important. Here are my secular arguments against homosexual actions:

    The relative risk of each disease in Men-who-have-Sex-with-Men (MSM):

    HIV – 44x – CDC – (
    Syphilis – 46x – CDC – (
    Anal Cancer – 50x – UpToDate
    Suicide Attempt – 13.9x –
    Domestic Violence – 3.2x –,
    Mood disorder 2.7x –
    Binge Eating – 15x –

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    Go you! I have been in several of these conversations. I move really slowly, with a goal to only insert one new idea at a time, such as “the zygote is a human organism” and leave “all human organisms should be treated as persons” for another day.

    I rely pretty heavily on Maureen Condic’s white paper to discuss when life begins or when a new organism begins. I talk about how gametes try to achieve one purpose and after sperm-egg fusion (and I talk about the cell membranes interacting with SNARE proteins), the behavior of the entity we observe changes. The goal is different. I wish a lot of the people I talked to had an idea of telos from Aristotelian/classical philosophy, but they seem to get it anyway, because it makes some degree of common sense.

    I also feel really empowered to talk about fetal pain. I discuss how neural tissue migrates from the oropharynx at week 7 to the entire body by week 22 (gestation). I point out that we wouldn’t do a live dismemberment of a surgical patient, a prisoner of war, or even an animal we planned to eat, and I express some discomfort and even disgust. Usually that’s enough for the person I’m talking to, to feel similarly. I say nothing about choice, I just say facts and let conclusions follow.

    This post is already too long, but that’s a start to some of my elevator speeches/strategies.

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    Pharm For Life

    I am overjoyed I came across this website. “You’re not crazy, and you’re not alone” is exactly what I needed to hear right now, as a new grad pharmacist I am dealing with some issues with work over my conscience objections on contraceptives.

    In explaining my stance, I have stuck to claims backed by science – when life begins, published papers on the mechanism of action, etc.; ie. one study showed with consistent use 2.7% ovulate on oral contraceptives, while that number goes up to 38.5% with inconsistent use (working in a pharmacy we know many clients do not perfectly adhere to their medications). (Westoff et al, Ovarian suppression in normal-weight and obese women during oral contraceptive use: a randomized controlled trial. Obstet Gynecol. 2010 Aug;116(2 Pt 1):275-83). This leaves other mechanisms of action at play – such as the creation of a “hostile” endometrium to prevent implantation of a fertilized embryo.

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    Hello, Pharm for Life!

    I’m glad you found the website! It’s a good one! Evidence-based medicine is what we’re all trying practice! Thanks for sharing.

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