CIR values transparency and frugality. This project is currently in its early stages and is only a website operated by residents who volunteer their time. Depending on the response to CIR, future goals may include seeking nonprofit status in order to accept monetary donations.

At this time, CIR needs donations of time and talent more than money. If you are able to help with abstract collection or experience sharing, please explore our forums or contact the editor.

Year Notes Accounts Payable Accounts Receivable
2016 Domain name (26.00)
SpiritJuice Studios
10 minute, 2 minute videos



CMA, national 1000.00
CMA, St. Louis Guild 1000.00
Augustine Foundation 5000.00
Anonymous resident donor 1056.00
Balance 0.00 0.00
2017 WordPress Business Plan (includes domain name) (279.00)
Incorporation fees  (50.00)
 Anonymous donor 1359.00

Updated October 17, 2017.