What is Conscience in Residency?

Conscience in Residency is a non-profit organization dedicated to trainees in biomedical sciences, especially medical careers, who desire to practice according to their consciences.  We primarily serve residents and applicants to residency who object to performing certain procedures or providing certain services during their careers as doctors. However, we also welcome sympathetic attendings, medical students, PhD students, nursing students, and any supporter of conscience rights!

What are some examples of conscientious objections which residents have?

  • An OB/GYN resident who does not wish to perform tubal ligations or abortions in residency
  • A pediatric resident who does not wish to perform circumcisions on male infants.
  • A family medicine resident who does not wish to prescribe birth control.

How can we help?         

We mentor medical students and residents who have conscientious objections through the process of applying to residency and approaching program directors and peers with requests for accommodations. Many members of Conscience in Residency are themselves residents or recent graduates of residency training programs, and therefore can offer practical suggestions.

For OB/GYN residents who seek to avoid abortions, tubal ligations or prescribing birth control, we maintain a PDF of OB/GYN residencies which are friendly towards Natural Family Planning-only applicants. This PDF was created based on former applicants’ experiences during their interviews.

We also send out job opportunities for physicians who are practicing in accordance with their consciences through our newsletter as they become available.

Is Conscience in Residency officially affiliated with any political party or religion?


How can I learn more about your organization?

Contact us, sign up for our newsletter, or follow us on social media – see our links for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter below.

How can we be contacted?

If you believe that Conscience in Residency can be of assistance to you or to someone you know, please do not hesitate to email us at: conscienceinresidency@gmail.com